What Is Worship And Why Is It So Important? 2

What Is Worship And Why Is It So Important?

From a sports stadium to a musical stage, from the office of the great executive to the university student, from the gymnasium to the passionate artist, wherever we go we find a common denominator in all people, worship. Let us then discover what worship is and why it is so important.

We were created to worship and that’s what we do all the time, it’s the essence of our daily life, that’s what we always do because it’s more natural for the human being to worship than to breathe.

This is why we must focus our worship of God or we will lose a lifetime worshipping other things.

What is worship

… When he came to Simon Peter, he said:
“And you, Lord, are you going to wash my feet?…
John 13:1-9
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Worship goes far beyond music and has more to do with what we consider most valuable, so much as to give it the first place in our lives.

Worship is what moves us to make decisions every day, to strive for something, to fight, to persevere.

Adoration is what we do all the time out of necessity, the heart of the human being is created to worship God and we need to keep worshipping because it is as indispensable as breathing to remain alive.

Adoration has to do with a posture of the heart that is reflected outwardly with words and actions.

In the Bible, worship is about prostrating, surrendering, reverence, devotion, obedience, honor, and service.

We see peter’s attitude of honor and devotion to Jesus that led him to think that it was impossible for the Lord (because this is how Peter showed that he considered him here) to wash his feet, as he considered him superior.

Worship leads us to give God the courage and affection in our lives that He really has and expects of us.

This allows us to live in a continuous devotion, in admiration and wonder for His beauty and His majesty.

Importance of worship

… Like them are their doers,
and everyone who trusts them…
Psalm 115
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When we begin to worship God, the spiritual realm opens up and we become aware of His presence. This is why without adoration there is no atmosphere or manifestation of God in the now.

Worship is so important because we become what we worship, so if we focus on worshipping God then we become one with Him in communion and the result is that we return to our true identity which is to be in His image and likeness , we become His reflection on earth.

What we worship determines what we become, so we must invest all our worship in God, for He is worthy, there is no greater reason, simply He is worthy of all worship and praise forever.

What do you give him the greatest value in your life?

Is it God?

Let us return to a life of total devotion to God, worshipping Him without slonging with all that we are in spirit and in truth.