cómo vivir más allá de la razón

How to Live Beyond Reason

We were designed to live beyond reason and not just for it. So let’s see how to renew the mind to return to God’s original design for us. Let’s figure out how to live beyond reason.

Glory of God is covering up a matter;

But the king’s honor is to scrutinize him.

Proverbs 25:2

Living Beyond Reason

When Christian life is reduced only to the intellectual then it ceases to be normal.

Christianity is defined as a life of faith. This is why it is written: “But the righteous shall live by faith” (Hebrews 10:38).

To live the Christian life based on reason, is simply to live with a carnal mind, which is not renewed.

God is not against the mind or reason because He himself created them, but He disagrees with an unrenewed mind.

Many abandon their calling and dreams of God because things happen to them that they cannot understand, and this limits them to the point of wanting to reduce God to their level of natural knowledge.

We must learn to live with the mystery of God.

Obeying only when we know we will have a good result is not true obedience.

Accept that there are things we do not understand but above that we will continue to live in obedience to God by faith, that is maturity. Click To Tweet

Living by faith in a culture full of disbelief is a privilege and clear that honors God. It is always to be remembered that when Jesus returns he hopes to find faith on earth.

The power of the unrenewed mind

Jesus went to Galilee to bless his own community, where he grew up, with the message and power the Father had given him. But no one could imagine what he found.

The Bible says that those who saw him preach and do some miracles were offended. They simply could not accept in their minds that the same Jesus they had seen grow was now a great servant of God with power.

A mind that has not been renewed can limit the manifestation of God, for by remaining in the natural, he ends up rejecting that which he does not understand, including the manifestation of God’s presence and power.

How to renew your mind

To learn to live beyond reason, we must first live always guided by the Holy Spirit and not by logic and reason.

Learning not to rule out everything we cannot understand logically is a great start to a renewed mind.

The revelation of God's Word is the starting point for renewing the mind. Click To Tweet

Revelation produces encounters and experiences with God that surpass mind and reason.

The mind is especially renewed by hearing God’s voice and experiencing His presence.

Another important aspect of renewing the mind is learning to live by faith from the heart and not relying on the filter of the mind for everything in life.

We must learn to accept revelation in one hand and mystery in the other, for God will not explain everything to us to understand it with reason, but that should not limit our faith and obedience to Him.

Everyone who wants to serve God and collaborate with Him must renew his mind and know that God has to break our logic, so that we do not depend on our reasoning, but live by faith in Him.

Our faith must affect our minds and not the other way around.

We know that our mind has been renewed when the impossible seems logical to us. Click to Tweet

God hides things for us to find

how to live beyond reason
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Like a father with his son, God our Father hides things not from us but for us, so that we may find them. As Father, God rejoices in our quest, and when we finally find what He wanted us to find.

Renewing our minds about this allows us to understand and accept that this brings glory to God and makes us shine with the light of Jesus in the midst of our world.

You have been granted to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven; But not them.

Matthew 13:11

It is we as children of God who have legal access to the mysteries of the Kingdom, that is our heritage. The world outside needs us to lower those answers from heaven that bring solutions to the problems here on earth.

The Kingdom of God must invade every sphere of society, and this is one of the reasons why we must find what God has had hidden in anticipation of someone hungry for His revelation. Someone who dares to live beyond reason.

Example: The Mystery of Anne

Samuel’s first book begins with the story of Anne, who was barren, until her worst tragedy became her greatest blessing.

Many times even if things are difficult and we do not understand, if like Anne, this situation leads us to desperately cry out to God until we produce a definitive change, then we will see that God is greatly glorified by discovering His plan beyond our Understanding.

Goods that are acquired in a hurry at first,

They will not be blessed in the end.

Proverbs 20:21

A forgotten truth

Many in the church assume that it is not important to provide solutions to this world because, because it is the end of time and things will get worse, darkness, chaos and everything else.

But what is lost in sight is that the church is the salt and light of the world.

It is time to renew the mind, for a misguided mindset about this produces a passive and defeated Christian life in your mind, unable to believe that the living Christ within each one can change things in any area if we collaborate with Him.

For a long time the church has had a negative mindset about the future, this because of putting a greater emphasis on the signs of the end than on the role we have in the end of time here on earth.

Many Christians are more concerned with knowing the signs of the end of time and interpreting them, than being salt and light, this demonstrates an unrenewed, pessimistic and unaware mind of fresh encounters with God.

We must believe that our role at this time is to bring the Kingdom of God wherever we are, manifesting His presence and Power, that it may be here and now on earth as it is in heaven. So it’s time to live beyond reason.